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4 Factors to consider when selecting Industrial Aluminium Profile - Aluminium Extrusions

  Usage of aluminium profiles can be widely observed in the automobile, Construction, Solar, Electrical, Kitchen and many more industries. For users, how to choose the right specification of aluminium profile is a critical question. The essential component of extrusion profiles is aluminium alloy. The proportion of alloy is different, and hence, its mechanical properties and application fields also differ. Below are the key aspects which can be used as a reference for the selection of industrial aluminium profiles. 1. Hardness:   Many customers are overly concerned about the hardness when buying aluminium profiles. The hardness of profile is directly linked to the chemical composition of aluminium alloy. Starting from Alloy 7xxx series, alloy 2xxx series, alloy 4xxx series, alloy 6xxx series, alloy 5xxx series and alloy 3xxx series, hardness is decreased respectively. The most common aluminium alloy used is 6063 – T 5 Series for the industrial purpose.  2. Use Environment: The use env

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